Dr. Matthew R Endara

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr Matthew R Endara
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Matthew R Endara is a board certified plastic surgeon and medical director of PerfecTenn.

As the son of a Family Doctor (General Practitioner) and a Charge Nurse of Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Dr. Endara was always interested in the medical field. Since high school, he knew he wanted to be some type of surgeon, but didn’t know what kind exactly. For this reason, when he entered medical school at Northwestern University, he was a disciplined student who strove to be in the top 5 of his class, so that he could be afforded the option of choosing what he wanted to specialize in later. His aptitude for medicine has been recognized by the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society (AΩA ).

As a member of AΩA, Dr. Endara is recognized for his:

  • professionalism
  • leadership
  • academic and clinical excellence
  • community service

For this reason, you can be confident knowing that as your surgeon, Dr. Endara will offer you an exceptional level of care that fulfills your best interests.

Dr Matthew R Endara Tennessee Plastic Surgeon
Dr Matthew R Endara Tennessee Plastic Surgeon

Becoming a Plastic Surgeon

Originally interested in neurosurgery, it was a couple of years later when he saw a patient get treated for necrotizing fasciitis by a plastic surgeon, that he knew that he too wanted to become a plastic surgeon. When Dr. Endara saw how happy the patient was after she was treated, he understood that plastic surgery was a different field from what he originally thought it was. He realized its true complexities, where each patient received a unique treatment that wasn’t a cookie cutter solution. Basically, when done right, you don’t do the same thing for everyone, and this creativity and innovation is what continues to appeal to him to this day. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Endara doesn’t just perform surgery on a patient — he customizes a treatment plan that accurately addresses your unique concerns so that you get personalized results that make you happy.

Meticulous & Precise

While at Northwestern, he was mentored by the world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Mustoe. Dr. Mustoe taught Dr. Endara to be a thoughtful surgeon who’s also innovative. More importantly, Dr. Endara was taught to have an exceptional understanding of human anatomy. By knowing exactly where everything is, Dr. Endara is able to use the right tool for the job without compromising safety or increasing trauma. For example, by using a scalpel instead of a cauterizing tool, Dr. Endara can make precise incisions without worrying about the spread of thermal energy and how it may damage surrounding tissues, particularly sensitive nerves. For this reason, Dr. Endara has developed a reputation amongst his colleagues as being a meticulous surgeon with extraordinary surgical skill, traits that you’ll appreciate as his esteemed patient.

Dr. Endara completed his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., where he published over 20 papers on plastics and wound care, as well as breast reconstruction. This research experience has given him a profound understanding on cosmetic breast surgery and proper scar care.

At the time of his residency, Washington had the highest number of plastic surgeons per capita and Georgetown offered the only plastics training program in the area. For this reason, he was able to learn a diverse array of plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques from a variety of well established plastic surgeons.

Moving to Tennessee

After a short stint in Chicago, Dr. Endara and his family moved to Spring Hill, Tennessee, where he and his family now proudly call home. The genuinely friendly, empathetic spirit of the area is what Dr. Endara and his family love most, and he is committed to complimenting the community by providing you with the same care he would give his loved ones.

Charitable Work

As part of his commitment to the community, Dr. Endara actively participates in extracurricular activities at home and abroad. He has volunteered in Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, offering free health care to residents in the countryside.

Interesting Fact

Dr. Endara’s grandmother came to the US from Ecuador as a burn patient at the Mayo Clinic. She was successfully treated by a plastic surgeon, and she had such a positive experience that not only did her family emigrate to the country, she also hoped one of her children became a plastic surgeon too. While none of her children did, as her grandchild Dr. Endara was able to finally fulfill her wishes!

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