Auto Augmentation Lift

Larger, Perkier Breasts without Implants

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Benefits of Auto Augmentation Mastopexy

Auto augmentation mastopexy, or auto breast augmentation and lift, is simply a process that uses your own tissues to lift your breasts and increase volume. There are no implants required.

As you age, your breasts can begin to sag and deflate (this deflation is known by the medical term, ptosis). Ptosis is entirely natural, and the primary benefit of auto augmentation mastopexy is the ability to resolve ptosis to rejuvenate the breasts.

At a glance, the benefits of auto augmentation mastopexy include:

  • A natural looking transformation of the breast tissue. Your profile will look significantly more youthful and your breasts will present much more volume.
  • Many patients who undergo an auto augmentation mastopexy have recently gone through a massive weight loss. This procedure allows them to effectively complete that weight loss journey and appreciate their improved look.
  • Your breasts will look more youthful and lively. Once the procedure is complete, the breasts will not sag or look deflated for a long time.

Our patients often rave to us about an increase in confidence and self-esteem after undergoing auto augmentation mastopexy. They love the fact that they can have perkier, larger breasts without having to deal with implants!

Who is Auto Augmentation Mastopexy For?

Auto augmentation mastopexy (or an auto augmentation breast lift) is most commonly used for patients who are experiencing significant ptosis or deflation of the breasts and have excess tissue elsewhere on their bodies.

Ptosis can occur for a wide variety of reasons, including aging. By correcting ptosis, auto augmentation mastopexy can help patients feel like they’re turning back the clock on their bodies.

In general, good candidates for auto augmentation mastopexy may:

  • Have breasts that appear deflated and are sagging (ptosis).
  • Are not interested in breast implants of any kind.
  • Have recently lost a significant amount of weight.
  • Have recently experienced deflated breasts due to pregnancy or nursing. (Please note that you should wait at least six months after you've given birth or stopped nursing before considering any breast surgery.)
  • Present excess tissue or fat around the breasts (if there is not sufficient local tissue, excess skin or fat from the flank and back may be used).
  • Be able to maintain realistic expectations of what an auto augmentation mastopexy can accomplish.
  • Maintain a relatively stable weight. Significant changes in weight after your surgery can compromise your results.

Auto augmentation can be used to increase the size of the breasts if the patient does not want an artificial implant.  Usually, auto augmentation mastopexy is a good fit for patients who have experienced massive weight loss and have a significant amount of ptosis.

During your consultation with Dr. Endara or Dr. Fulks, you’ll discuss which breast enhancement approach will be the best avenue to deliver your desired results.

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The Auto Augmentation Breast Lift Surgery

Auto augmentation breast lift is usually performed under general anesthesia. This surgery usually takes about 2 to 4 hours to perform. Once the procedure is over, and you’ve been given a chance to recover from the immediate effects of the anesthetic, you’ll be allowed to return home for the duration of your recovery.

In many ways, the incisions for an auto augmentation breast lift are very similar to those used in other mastopexy procedures.

Repositioning Breast Tissues

Once the incision is made, your surgeon will begin re-positioning the fat deposits and glands from the lower breast, rotating them into a higher posture. Fat grafting may also be used to add extra contouring where necessary. The reconstructed breast tissue is sutured to the fascia of the second rib, ensuring that it stays in its more youthful position. Any unwanted excess skin and tissue is removed, and the nipple is then repositioned. The incisions are then closed.

Three Steps to Protecting Your Results

Recovery from auto augmentation mastopexy can take several weeks. You will likely need to wear compression garments for several weeks, and your activities will be restricted while your body heals. Every patient will be given individualized recovery instructions based on your surgical needs and needs.

Swelling and bruising immediately after your procedure may obscure some of your results. Once that swelling diminishes, you’ll be able to appreciate the entirety of your transformation. This can take about 6 months or so.

Auto augmentation mastopexy is able to significantly improve ptosis, taking a deflated looking breast and making it appear full and youthful.

Auto Augmentation Lift Risks

Like other surgical procedures, you should be aware that auto augmentation mastopexy also has a number of risks. These include the following:

  • Infection
  • Excessive swelling (seroma and hematoma)
  • Temporary or permanent changes in breast and nipple sensitivity
  • Necrosis
  • Wound healing complications
  • Abnormal scarring
  • Dissatisfactory results

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Auto Breast Augmentation Lift FAQ

An auto augmentation breast lift is a plastic surgical procedure that increases the size of the breasts and makes them perkier using the patient's own tissues.

Because auto augmentation mastopexy takes advantage of your own tissues, your results will look incredibly natural.  

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