Scar Reduction

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The Benefits of Scar Revision

Scars are the telltale marks of previous inflammation, trauma and surgery. While many scars tend to heal into barely visible marks, it's not uncommon for some scars to become discoloured, raised and prominent in both tone and texture. This is a result of an excess of pigment and fibrous connective tissue.

Scar revision surgery is designed to remove this abnormal tissue so that you can enjoy a smoother, more uniform complexion. Whether on the face or body, you may experience less embarrassment and shame, particularly with the removal of more disfiguring scars. This can give you a significant boost in your self esteem.

The scar you have may be a permanent reminder of trauma or a dark time in your life that you've been through. Because it will no longer be as visible after your treatment, you may experience the ability to move on with your life. You'll find that the scar won't define you anymore. This is what many of our patients have happily reported following their treatment!


Scar Removal Specialists

Scars are extremely difficult to remove in their entirety. For this reason, the ultimate goal of scar revision is not to eliminate scars, but rather to reduce their prominence.

Our surgeons have investigated wound care and scars in research that has been published in internationally respected medical journals. With this in depth knowledge, they've been able to effectively reduce the prominence of scars following surgery with proper wound care protocols. In fact, they can perform complex wound reconstructions.

They're also able to treat older scars so that they're not as easily visible.

Model. Not actual patient.

Scar Types

Anytime the skin is broken, the body creates fibrous tissue to essentially "reseal" the skin. This fibrous tissue is what makes the scar, and it's a bit different from the normal skin surrounding it.

Normal scars are silvery and thin lines that are fairly difficult to detect. However, there are other types of scars that are more easily detected:

  • Hypertrophic
    This type of scar may be slightly raised and darker than the skin surrounding it. It is textured, so you can feel it as well.
  • Atrophic
    Atrophic scars are slightly lower than the surrounding skin. A good example is a pockmark leftover from severe acne.
  • Keloid
    The most prominent scar, in both color and texture, is a keloid. This scar is not only higher  than the surrounding tissue, it can also become larger than the original injury and take on an almost rubbery texture. In some cases, keloids may be painful.

Scar revision can target all of the above.

Scar Revision Treatment

There are a number of techniques that can reduce the appearance of scars. We have extensive experience in surgical approaches to scar removal. Depending on the type of scar you have, your treatment may involve:

  • Removal of the affected skin with excision using W-plasty or Z-plasty techniques
    With excision, the remaining skin may be closed using a layered approach to provide better support to the closure and greater flexibility of the unaffected skin.
  • Skin grafts
    Healthy skin from another area of the face or body may be transferred to the targeted area. In the event healthy tissue is insufficient, a tissue substitute may be used instead.

Sometimes, surgery isn't always necessary. We offer nonsurgical solutions, namely dermal fillers and therapeutic peels, to reduce the appearance of less severe scars. If surgery isn't needed, we'll definitely let you know at the time of your consultation.


Imagine the freedom you'll feel when you can't see your scars!

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